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A family’s Journey through the Cape Winelands of South Africa

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Travel back in time with us as we share our first 60 wineries, that we visited from a decade ago as the WineTots, with you!

First 10 Cape Wineries visited by the WineTots

As part of @savesawine‘s 60in60 days challenge, we decided to share our first 60 South African wineries that we visited as the WineTots family! Join us as we look back at our earliest Winelands memories as a family, starting with our first 10 visits, while sharing some tips with you as we go!

No. 0.1: Guardian Peak

We visited this stunning wine farm on the eve of our son’s birth, our last winery pre-WineTots! It is still one of our all-time favourite wineries to visit with family and friends.

SA Winery: Guardian Peak Number visited: No. 0.1 (in-utero) Wine Region: Stellenbosch, South Africa TOP Spot for: Food pairing, red wine, and views over to Guardian Peak to die for! Our Favourite WINES: Excellent full-bodied red wines - Lapa, SMG, Cirrus and Ou Hoofgebou Cabernet Sauvignon Family friendly winery: Formal dining terrace with a kid’s jungle gym outside. Kids can also get creative by drawing on the paper tablecloths!

No.1: Blaauwklippen Wine Estate Blaauwklippen, one of South Africa’s oldest wine farms, on the edge of Stellenbosch town, has a long history dating back to 1682, with vineyards dating back to 1688.

Being just around the corner from our home, it was the 1st winery we visited since our son was born... at the age of 12 days!

To celebrate his arrival we enjoyed a wonderful, cosy wine tasting with the grandparents and family visiting from the UK!

SA Winery: Blaauwklippen Wine Region: Stellenbosch, South Africa TOP Spot for: Relaxed, historic family-friendly farm with a restaurant and Sunday Market, bold red wines, and the perfect wedding venue!

Our Favourite WINES: Famous for their delicious Zinfandel and wine pairings including macaroon pairings. Family friendly winery: Blaauwklippen is a fantastic farm for families and kids – kids can run free and play outside on the jungle gym and interact with the farm animals while you, the folks, can relax at the restaurant or under the shade of the trees.

To see more about Blaauwklippen, check out Stellenbosch Top 20 Wineries for YOU and your Tots.

No. 2: Guardian Peak

Yes, back at Guardian Peak! Celebrating our son’s birth.

Guardian Peak features in our previous blog Stellenbosch Top 20 Wineries for YOU and your Tots.

No. 3: Sylvanvale Still celebrating our son’s birth with the grandparents, we visited Sylvanvale Vineyards, Devon Valley Hotel.

You cannot see him, but they can… wriggling around cutely in his carrycot in the cosy lounge. SA Winery: Sylvanvale Wine Region: Devonvalley, Stellenbosch, South Africa TOP Spot for: Wine tasting and food pairing out on their deck overlooking the glorious Stellenbosch valley at sunset. Our Favourite WINES over the years: Ghost Tree, Pinotage and the Family Reserve Family friendly: The perfect outdoor terrace for sunset tapas and pizzas. Kids can run around freely, while the adults relax on the deck enjoying sundowner pairings.

No. 4: Dornier

SA Winery: Dornier Wine Estate Wine Region: Blaauwklippen Valley, Stellenbosch, South Africa TOP Spot for: A family day out and luncheon on their deck overlooking the glorious Stellenbosch mountains. Our Favourite WINES over the years: Malbec and many more (The wine tasting is now done in a separate venue on the lower side of their dam) Family friendly winery: The perfect outdoor terrace for family luncheons; and in the past the most fantastic sunset tapas! (Hopefully will be back soon by popular demand!) There is an amazing pirate jungle gym to the side of the restaurant, which makes for the perfect day out for both kids and adults alike.

No. 5: Tokara

SA Winery: Tokara Wine Estate

Wine Region: Stellenbosch, South Africa

TOP Spot for: A family day out and luncheon at the Tokara Deli; or a superb wine tasting and dinner at the more formal Tokara restaurant.

Our Favourite WINES over the years: All of them since the beginning and their initial Zondernaam brand! The Cabernet and Director’s Reserve Bordeaux blend are exceptional.

Family friendly winery: The Tokara Deli Cat is definitely one of the best tot-friendly venues in Stellenbosch and is open for breakfast and lunch! There are lovely tasteful wooden jungle gyms and the bird nest next to the restaurant.

No. 6: Kleine Zalze

SA Winery: Kleine Zalze Wine Region: Stellenbosch, South Africa TOP Spot for: A fantastic, extensive wine tasting and dining at the excellent Terroir restaurant. Don’t miss their incredible winter specials! Our Favourite WINES over the years: So many fantastically priced wines! Chardonnay, Chenin, SMG, Cabernet Sauvignon, Family Reserve...

Family friendly winery: Wine tasting outside while the kids run on the lawn and climb the small jungle gym nearby.

No. 7: Stark-Condé

Almost a decade ago we visited our 7th winery, Stark-Condé, with our friends and their recently new-borns!

SA Winery: Stark-Condé Wine Region: Stellenbosch, South Africa TOP Spot for: A fantastic day out in the beautiful Jonkershoek valley, enjoying a tasting on their dam & dining at their restaurant with superb valley and mountain views galore! You won’t be sorry! Our Favourite WINES over the years: Lingen, Syrah, Petit Syrah, Three Pines Cabernet Sauvignon Family friendly: Wine tasting & dining outside while the kids run on the lawn and kick a ball.

Please keep a close eye on your young Tots with the dam.

Stark-Condé features in our previous blog Stellenbosch Top 20 Wineries for YOU and your Tots.

No. 8: Peter Falke Wines

Our 8th winery visited was Peter Falke - it has been incredibly special to be part of their growth and journey over the last decade!

SA Winery: Peter Falke Wine Region: Stellenbosch, South Africa TOP Spot for: Enjoying a fantastic day relaxing with friends out on their puffs and lawn sipping bubbly & wine and sharing platters, or enjoying a tasting inside or on their top deck. Our Favourite WINES over the years: MCC, Pinot Noir, Ruby Blend, Cabernet Sauvignon... All fantastic in their own way! Family friendly winery: Chill on the lawn while the kids run around and enjoy the recently added jungle gym and sandpit! Treat the kiddies to their amazing ice cream! Open till 7pm!! (Bookings recommended in season.)

No. 9: Uva Mira

Uva Mira - A little gem at the top of the road

SA Winery: Uva Mira

Wine Region: Helderberg, Stellenbosch, South Africa

TOP Spot for: Enjoying cheese platters and a tasting of incredible white and red wines out on their deck. Their location makes you feel like you are at a high Alpine deck looking out over the panoramic vistas around and below you... which in this case is False Bay and Table Mountain!

Our Favourite WINES over the years: One of my favourites has to be their Chardonnay! Also their Merlot, Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon. Family friendly level: Not the most child-friendly winery, no kid snacks (except crackers and cheese) or play gym, but kids are always welcome there and can run on the lawn outside or quietly colour in or relax on their devices.

No. 10: Dieu Donné Wines Dieu Donné was our 10th winery visited and our 1st in Franschhoek (and beyond Stellenbosch).

Just love how our tot is studying his first menu with Granddad!

SA Winery: Dieu Donné Wines Wine Region: Franschhoek, South Africa TOP Spot for: One of our favourite wineries for sunset dining! Their position is just amazing with sweeping views over the Franschhoek wine valley from their restaurant! Serving consistently great wine and food pairing over the years.

Our Favourite WINES over the years: Red wines - Merlot, Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon

Family friendly level: Dine on a summer evening outside while the kids run free. Sometimes they even had raptor shows inside the Roca restaurant to entertain the adults and kids alike.

Follow our adventures on Instagram @WineTots as we travel back in time to our first 60 wineries as the WineTots! Keep your eyes peeled for the next part of our throwback journey as we share our next 10 wineries visited and tips for you.

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Useful Winery links for up to date opening hours and news:

Blaauwklippen Wine Estate:


Kleine Zalze:

As part of #SaveSAWine and #spectacularSA why not visit one of these wineries as a family when you next get a chance! Just the best days out with the family!

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The Western Cape wine region, centred on Stellenbosch, must surely rank as the number one wine region on Earth. Given the majestic Cape Mountain scenery, the sea in the distance, the Cape Fynbos (with the richest plant diversity worldwide), the accessibility of the vineyards and their restaurants, their brilliant kid-friendliness; and the magnificence of their great range of wines--top podium! And, as Grandpa John, to have shared many of those earliest ten WineTot visits with the family and little 0- to 1-year old little Rick (Rickleby)--unbeatable. Wonderful times, with hugest thanks!

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