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Kleine Zalze - Harvest 2021!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

*Please note: all information is correct at the date of publication. See winery website for up-to-date info!

Summer Vibes & Specials

It seems that not even Covid could begin to slow down the progress being made at Kleine Zalze this season! From their new award winning Project Z range, to their spectacular virtual tastings and restaurant offerings. It seems there's something for everyone.

Their restaurant has added delicious summer specials in the spirit of Harvest 2021, like their sirloin steak & frites with a glass of Vineyard Selection Shiraz 2017 for R185 or their Mussels & frites with a glass of Cinsault Rose for R170.

Their bakery has also whipped up some mouth watering 'mosbolletjies' to add to the harvest experience -

all while guests enjoy the fresh grape must & tutored tastings of the season.

Did I Mention Music?

A lively outdoor evening overlooking Stellenbosch's glimmering nightlife could only be improved with the addition of one thing...(besides wine)... live music!

Now, one evening every month, you can do exactly that at Kleine Zalze - starting Saturday 27 March 2021!

New Releases!

Kleine Zalze will be adding 4 new wines to their Family Reserve Range as of April 2nd and all of them seem to be well rated and highly anticipated.

Chenin blanc 2019 (Platter 5*)

Sauvignon blanc 2019 (Platter 5*)

Cabernet sauvignon 2017 (Platter 5*)

Shiraz 2017 (Platter 4.5*)

Stay safe and take care!

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Important info:

Kleine Zalze: ; 021 8808167 ; Book for lunch, dinner or live music!

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1 Comment

Mar 16, 2021

Wish I was there - sometime soon!

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