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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Snow World - a winter wonderland for the whole family! With icy activities like snow ramps, solid ice slides & life-sized Ice Age animals... Everyone will enjoy this!

Experience the incredible Ice Age in all its glory! Marvel at the life-sized prehistoric animals in their natural habitat, with realistic sounds & movements. Featuring the massive Woolly Mammoth and terrifying Sabretooth Tiger.

We tested our tots' courage with 3 different solid ice toboggan slides - a circular downward spiral, a radical rollercoaster & a mini ice slide for the little ones, which made for hours of family fun! We got to watch (and join in) as our tots whizzed down the 30m long snow ramp on tubes... what a thrilling experience!

The tots got up close and personal with the snow in the amazing - "touch and feel" - Snow Play Area. Let your imagination run wild... Build a snowman, make snow angels, or simply dig around with buckets & spades, its loads of fun.

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