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A Holiday Away with the Fairies

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Get ready for an enchanting escape at Away with the Fairies Nature Lodge and Backpackers.

Away with the Fairies Hogsback Mountain View

*Please note: all information is correct at the date of publication. See website below for up-to-date info!

Nestled on the Hogsback cliffs, Away with the Fairies offers breathtaking views of the Amatola Mountains and the Auckland Nature Reserve's indigenous forests. Hogsback, a mystical village high in the mountains of the Eastern Cape, beckons with fairy forests, waterfalls, and a sense of wonder. This place is an unspoiled paradise, hidden among ancient forests, and home to unique wildlife like rare Cape parrots and Knysna Loeries/Turacos.

Away with the Fairies Hogsback Inn Relaxation

On the border of the Auckland Nature Reserve, South Africa's oldest forest, they offer a unique gem – the renowned "Cliff Bath," precariously perched on its edge. The perfect place to unwind as you absorb the beauty & echoes of the forests.

Away with the Fairies Hogsback Inn Accommodation

Choose from a variety of ‘Lord of the Rings’ themed accommodations suited to your style, each one surrounded by breathtaking views of magnificent mountains & pristine forests. Your journey begins here, under old oak trees. Explore easy trails with the kids or challenge yourself to The Amatola Trail. With hiking trails leading to stunning waterfalls and ancient trees, you'll find inspiration here - it's rumoured to have influenced J.R.R. Tolkien & Picasso themselves!

Away with the Fairies Hogsback Hiking Waterfall Trail

It's time to embrace the rugged beauty of Hogsback. Tackle the mighty Amatola Trail, often regarded as SA's toughest and best multi-day hiking trail. Or, if it’s serenity you’re seeking, visit the Fairies’ new Heart Centre - a sacred space overlooking the Auckland Nature Reserve… the perfect setting for self-reflection, meditation or yoga with an idyllic view.

Away with the Fairies Hogsback Heart Centre

After your adventures, relax at the Green Dragon Cafe, their on-site restaurant serving delicious treats, coffee, craft beer, wines, and ciders daily. A must-try is their home-made stone-ground pizzas or venison burgers available at any time. And don’t miss their delicious, healthy smoothies for the kids!

Away with the Fairies Hogsback Cafe Restaurant

If you're up for the ultimate Eastern Cape hiking adventure, set out for Away with the Fairies, and experience the wilderness like never before.

Away with the Fairies Hogsback Inn Kids

Contact Me – Hilary - at for more details on your favourite spots to visit & to book a personalised tour of your own – behind the scenic routes of the Cape Winelands & beyond!

Away with the Fairies Hogsback Waterfall Trail

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