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Global Garden Biodiversity Challenge

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Calling all South African's from wineries to households! We are challenging local's and wineries to participate in our Global Garden Biodiversity Challenge where you'll stand a chance to win prizes and be featured in our upcoming blog series!

The goal? To appreciate the natural beauty around us and provide everyone at home with a view of the beautiful outdoors while we're locked away!

To enter, take photos of animals, plants and environments found around you and tag @Worldinyourbackyard on Instagram!

We want to challenge all of our readers to give it forward by photographing all the beauty around you and sharing it with a lonely world, so we can all find some hope!

Keep your tots busy and educated during lock-down by getting them to take part in this fun challenge! Spot all nature around you from insects, fungi, flowers and even birds, mammals and trees, and start your garden list! Just tag us @worldinyourbackyard and @winetots so that we can show it to world and give back to some of our readers!

Follow @Worldinyourbackyard on Instagram and share your photographs and drawings with us, and stand a chance to win!

Stay tuned for our Global Garden Challenge series which will come in four parts!

Part 1: Top winery biodiversity

Part 2: Tots & Garden Art

Part 3: Global Gardens & Families

Part 4: City Gardens & Wildlife Sightings

To take part in any of the above, just tag us on Instagram with your awesome pictures or just mail them to us at!

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