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That's Vergenoegd! (Löw)

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

One of the oldest farms in SA, founded in 1696, Vergenoegd (meaning 'far enough') Löw Wine Estate is rooted in local Cape Malay history.

*Please note: all information is correct at the date of publication. See winery website for up-to-date info!

Harvest platters filled with charcuterie, cheeses and delicious accompaniments are the perfect partner to the wines served at this eclectic Estate.

Seated outside, well away from anyone else, in the natural beauty that surrounds the farm makes for a uniquely tranquil and enjoyable experience.

Famous for their little duck helpers, Vergenoegd has always welcomed guests with their parades of Indian Runner Ducks, shown off proudly by their caretakers.

These parades, however, are a thing of the past!

Now the little guys spend their days working the fields & chilling on their lake, watching the guests relax alongside them.

If you thought that was all, you'd be wrong.

Alongside Harvest platters, great wine and their little duck helpers, Vergenoegd offers simple Cape Malay inspired cuisine, with their own special Roosterkoek-making grill!

Home to some of the first Cab Sav. vines in the Cape, Vergenoegd's deep roots have gifted them outstanding quality grapes, leading to exceptional wines throughout their blends and varietals.

With 2 tasting options available, you'll be able to decide just what you'd like to taste!

Picnics are also available for groups of 12 or more and with a new Deli opening soon, this is a must-visit Estate!

If you're going to Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate, take some pictures and share them with us on Instagram, @Winetots, we'd love to see you having some fun!

Stay safe and take care!

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Important info:

Booking is essential. Strictly no walk-ins allowed.

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